Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bilal Yusuf Mohammed.. a Scar-Face.. and Proud !

He suffered a serious Face wound in a car accident when he was an infant, but he believes that the ridicule he suffered growing up helped 'forge his character' !

He freely admits that growing up with such a prominent scar was difficult, but he feels that the experience made him the man he is today !

"You have to be mentally strong to withstand the ridicule of other children and the stares of adults."

Frank Ribéry was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais and raised in a low-income neighborhood on the fringes of the city.

When he was two years old, he and his family were involved in a car accident in his hometown, colliding with a truck!

Ribéry suffered serious facial injuries that resulted in more than one hundred stitches and left two long scars down the right side of his face.

Prior to joining Stade Brestois in 2003, he worked as a construction worker with his father, which Ribéry referred to as a "learning experience".

Ribéry's wife, Wahiba, is a French national of Algerian descent and the couple have two daughters and a son.

Ribéry is a convert to Islam and, following his conversion, adopted the name Bilal Yusuf Mohammed.

Finally in 2013, Ribéry won the Champions League and the Treble, with Bayern Munich in a "German" final against Borussia Dortmund.

In August 2013, he won the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award.

Frank Ribéry, aka Bilal Yusuf Mohammed. recently won the EUFA Super Cup with his German club Bayern Munich, after they drew with Chelsea 2–2, leading to a penalty shootout which they won 5–4.

Quotes: ''He is the jewel in French football''. French legend Zinedine Zidane. 

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'Whatsapp Dude' -Most Romantic Convo!- episode 2

Simple words can make ur life beautiful ! :)

Whatsapp Conversation 

He: Hello :)

She: Hi!

He: Just wanted to tell you that i luv U ! <3 :)

She: Baby :) i'm blessed coz ur in my life :*

He: I'm blessed because u r my life :*

She: :* ThanQ for everything 

He: ThanQ my everything <3 :*

The End

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roses are red! - الزهور حمراء

هل فقدت الأزهار سحرها و معناها؟
هل ما زال الحبيب يهدي الزهور لحبيبته؟
هل ما زالت الأم تسعد بباقة الورد من أولادها في عيد الأم؟
هل من الممكن أن تفاجئ أمك أو حبيبتك بباقة من الورود  بدون أي مناسبة؟ 

أسئلة.. طرحتها للنقاش و كانت تلك الأجوبة...

- متزوج حديثا قال: الورد لم يفقد معناه و أحلى حاجة في الورد انه يبقى من غير مناسبة.

- صديق رومانسي قال: ألوان الورد مهم أن تكون منسقة و ملائمة للحدث. و أضاف, في أحد المرات.. غضبت حبيبتي, فأشتريت باقة من الزهور. و تركتها على باب منزلها.. ثم رحلت و بعثت اليها برسالة حتى تفتح الباب. بهرها الموقف و عدنا أفضل مما كنا. الورد ساحر في المصالحة.

- مدونة صديقة: الورد ساحر في المصالحات و لا أمانع أن اأتي بورد لحبيبي. الورد مرغوب و لكنه ليس ضرورة و ليس عنصر أساسي في العلاقات. أحب الورد و لكني لا أنتظره.

- صديق متزوج: أحب تقديم المفاجئات و لكن ليس الزهور. يمكن في المناسابات, بس أنا بفضل خروجة حلوة أو شيئ من هذا القبيل.
- زوجته: طبعا بحب الورد بس هو مش بيجيبلي حاجة (وضحكت). (لم يبد عليها الانزعاج, بل على العكس وضح  تقبلها و التفاهم و السعادة عليهما).

- صديق أخر: الورد الكتير بمناسبة أو من غير مناسبة بيفقد للورد معناه.

كانت هذه ردود البعض. و من ردودهم شعرت أن الورد مخلوق ساحر, له قيمة عند المرأة. و لكنه ليس أساسيا. انه ذلك الشيء الذي تشتاق اليه و ترغب فيه, لو أتاها, تسعد به. مثله مثل الكلمة الحلوة التي تنتظرها من الحين للأخر. 

و رغم التقدم التكنولوجي و الثورة الالكترونية, و تنوع طرق و أساليب التعبير عن المشاعر.  يبقى الورد برحيقه الجذاب و الساحر المخلوق العجيب الذي يأسر قلب المرأة و يسعدها..

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One More Day! (The Lyrics)



One More Day!

I should have been there,
while you were wanting me the most,
I should have gone there,
Before the "everything" was lost,

Teardrops and heartache,
are on my daily "to do" chart..
Teardrops and heartache,
are tearing my soul apart..

I'd give anything,, 
Give my breathe,, give my life
I'd do everything,, 
To get you babe back to life..

I'd give anything,,
I'd do everything,,
To get you back to life,

For one more say..

I am sorry babe..
I showed you how the true life was,
I am sorry babe,
I made you see but whom I was..

That day when I left,
I stayed up long all night..
Thinking of you,
Thinking about that fight..
Will you forgive me,
If I said that... you were Right..!

I'd give anything,, 
Give my breathe, give my life
I'd do everything,, 
To get you babe back to life..
I'd give anything,,
I'd do everything,,
To get you back to life,
For one more day...
to say..

I'd give anything,, 
Give my breathe, give my life
I'd do everything,, 
To get you babe back to life..
I'd give anything,,
I'd do everything,,
To get you back to life..

(repeat chorus till the end) 


S for Shiko

One More Day!

And when she really needed him, he wasn't there. He was away. He was not in this world anymore. He was in another world. A world he had invented to escape. Escape from responsibilities. Escape from commitments. Escape from himself, from his own self!

He was tired. He was over exhausted. He needed a break. And all what they have been through together, went with the wind. It was all priceless. He sold it all to the devil.. he traded them for his peace of mind!

and when he visited her..

She was still smiling.. but he was shocked.

That look on her face.. that spirit.. were trying to be the same.

But they were never the same.

She was acting as if everything was Okay.. but he knew it wasn't Okay..

He was crying deep inside..

He knew it wasn't Okay. He knew it was his fault..

He wanted her to forgive him.. but he couldn't say it.

He couldn't apologize.. Apologize for not being there when she wanted him the most.

Apologize for allowing himself to be her everything.. and simply left!

And now, she also left.. but this time, she has left FOREVER!



Sherif Tahoon

S for Shiko

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Sweet Liar!

A guy is allowed to lie if ..

He lies for the sake of
surprising his sweetheart

He lies and says " I AM OKAY"  even if he feels bad
not to put loads on her !

He lies to hide his weak side when he is afraid
not to see her scared !

He says that it is okay to drive her home
because He is a gentleman!

He lies if anyone asks him about
any of her personal secrets

He always lies about the reason of the call
because he calls just to hear her voice!

I think he is a sweet liar ! :-)

Composed by:

Edited by: Sherif Tahoon

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Monday, February 4, 2013

و ماله.. مش عيب خالص..

في احدى الكافيهات في المعادي، جلست سيدة محجبة في الخمسينات من عمرها مع ابنتها الشابة التي لا تتعدى الخامسة و العشرين من 
..العمر.. و جرى هذا الحوار..

السيدة المحترمة: انا بصاراحة ببقى مستريحة عندوكو اوي، متطمنة على بنتي و هي هنا، المكان كويس و مكان محترم، انا مش بنزل بنتي ف اي حتة كده و خلاص، و عشان كده بنحب نيجي هنا، ربنا يكرمك يا ابني انت و اللي زيك

الجرسون: ربنا يخلي حضرتك يا فندم 

السيدة المحترمة: ها.. هتخدي ايه يا حبيبتي؟

إبنتها: شيشة تفاح


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